A Grand Farewell !!

Memories are what we create when we travel to new places , meet new people, eat different food, know new cultures and experience various life situations. And this is what Airforce has blessed us with. Dad had served his complete tenor with Airforce and got retired and led a graceful and independent life even after.

I remember the tag line of LIC which says “zindagi ke sath bhi aur zindagi ke baad bhi.” I don’t think dad ever took such policies but his loyalty towards his job and the integrity he lived his complete life with, has given him everything, rather more than one can think of. Along with his pension, he did have other benefits but the most important was the medical facilities for the retired that ECHS provides , which sure had taken a huge financial burden off his shoulders.

The highest honour came, When we were in deep shock by his sudden demise, Airforce association came forward informing us about the ritual. The protocol was to be followed, which we were unaware of.

When we were sadly preparing for his last rites, a bunch of Airforce personal arrived at our home in a big vehicle, carrying bouquets of flowers, a huge table, white bedsheet. These were Airmen and Officers, dressed in their ever graceful, impeccable service uniforms. They arranged the stage and Carefully placed Dad on it. The team decorated Dad with the most honourable tricoloured National Flag and offered flowers. Each of them saluted him.

We were dumbstruck, tears rolling uncontrollably. Mixed feelings, mixed emotions. In The most saddest moment we experienced utmost pride. Pride for the honour, for the respect they exhibited. The flag was Folded neatly and then handed over to Mom, along with a condolence letter signed by the highest authority and an envelop carrying some cash to cover expenses of the last rites. Unknowingly Mom saluted them and they saluted her back.

It was a grand farewell, a royal ending for the wars he participated in, for his loyalty.

Am sure DAD would have sure watched from the higher ups and would have felt extremely proud. Our respect for the Uniform Increased many folds that day.

Salute !!!



The train track …. parallel, together, always Side by side but never meet. They have been laid for a purpose, to carry the loaded burdens of the world.. to be the means to unite the universe and which is fulfilled till eternity. Twists, turns or dead ends… all are dealt with equal pressure and equal strength. Always grounded and always linked with tiny little strings of woods.

Life is so similar to these tracks, we all are born with a purpose. the people, the situations, the hurdles, the swings are all part of our life journey, included to ease our path and to help us sustain till the dead end. To fulfill the purpose one has to be grounded, linked appropriately and grateful to be able to sustain.

If we are one of the tracks, then I believe the equal and parallel track may be our energy, our faith, our invisible god who walks with us all the time…. through out the journey, till our dead end. The enlightened ones are aware and deal life with complete consciousness, leaving no room for doubt.

When he leads, then just follow !!!

A slow little move – The Train Trip

The fast moving life has its own perks and disadvantages. Lack of time and patience has got us to want everything instantly. the limited leave we get, if we are working class and the worry for loss of business opportunities if we are self employed makes us run for quick fixes. The want to enjoy the max, while utilising the limited time available.

The fast paced life is mostly like book a flight for a quick trip or take a cab for convenience to reach destinations in no time.

The leisure, the slow paced thought itself makes us restless. While taking a train trip to our hometown for Sankranti was such an experience. Since we boarded, it’s just two hours and Would have checked the watch so many times. At home or in office we keep moving for some or the other need, that sitting for such a long time- without movement is challenging. Net Connectivity is another setback.

It’s so funny, when we are hard pressed with work and are busy, we pray for an easy life. To sit and relax, enjoy the surroundings, the nature. And when we are relaxed we don’t know what to do….

Knowing this I am well equipped with my book, downloaded songs, headphones and the beeds for my regular dose of meditation and japa.

while I sit at the window watching the beautiful scenery, sun rise and set, enjoying the snacks and tea.

I am sure, this time will be well spent for introspection and the much needed rest.

Life should move, doesn’t matter if it’s sometimes slow-sometimes fast. We can call ourselves alive only if life is moving.

Beware of what you think!!

“Beware of what you ask for … you might as well get it”.

I read this quote on someone’s profile. But now I would say “beware of what you think of… even thinking constantly might as well get it”.

As the book “The Secret ” says, the law of attraction makes no mistakes.. you get what you think of. It doesn’t discriminate if, it’s your wish or fear, your pleasure or pain … what you think or imagine consciously or subconsciously, you just get it.

Long walks and yoga had been my constant companions and passion. Whenever I feel bored, I would just plug in the music and put on my sketchers to take that long walk.

However recently a thought had been bothering me, what will happen if I am anyday not able to walk, how will I come out for my walks, how will I pass my time… and guess what …ta da… you fear, you think something constantly and you get it. Like a Genie watching you and hearing you, it just came down, helped hurt my toe to make my fear real.

Though I surely miss my walks but the better side of the story is, this has given me lots of time to read books, write my notes and enjoy watching movies ….

I eagerly look forward to the day I would be back on my feet …. till then it’s time to enjoy recreation and rest, also remember to remember that thinking good is good …

genie is watching Right 👍

Enough reasoning

While we celebrate International Women’s day with lots of fanfare, hoardings, speeches, but there are some women who have different views.

Woman is the reason for all disputes, this was commented by a very intellectual lady … leave alone men who had been advocating this for ages but when this lady said so, I couldn’t digest. My feminist side got on fire and felt like blasting out.

But unfortunately history is evident that all major wars were fought for a woman, for her beauty, for a revenge or just for ego trip, but every tale talks about a woman being the epicentre, there would have been other circumstances added to support the distruction but Women were the reason.

But then if you analyse, does it not prove that, men who were kings, emperors, in our mythology or in history, who were understood to be so strong, so intelligent, who had fought great wars and won, were so so weak. Who were weak, not able to control their ego, their temptations, their anger but set the world on fire for one cause that was to possess that one woman.

And at the same time is it also not true that the woman in question was so strong, not to give up her pride, her self respect and fought till end and did not fear to even lay her life when need arose.

And What’s different today. We define in detail as to how a girl wearing jeans or a short dress is the reason for all the trouble, rather than tightening culprits for their lack of sense and control. How a dominant woman is still not acceptable. How there are rules on how a Woman has to dress or to behave or the type of career she wants to persue.

I sense a vague hope with the new generation, which I think is being aware, that our kids are supposed to be taught, to be educated, to respect, to behave, to be more human, so that there is harmony to coexist and then we don’t have to reserve a day to celebrate women’s day.

Till then Happy Women’s Day.

Grounded or elevated

Life is a cycle of evaluation and revaluation. Whatever goes up -comes down and what is down will get a chance to go up. That’s how nature is balanced.

However we human beings see things in a different meaning.. when there is happiness and a smooth life journey, we assume it to be a never ending phase, as if permanent and take it for granted like, it’s a boon by birth. And when things are on a little lower side we get depressed and curse the situations and people around.

While now, I say this with experience. Always active- never idle has been a synonym to my existence. I am a blessed person to have been able to go for my long walks and enjoy performing some stretches on my mat, while doing all the household activities myself. However, I knew with age things would change, rather I was getting prepared with these hobbies and activities for the next slower phase of the life…

As we say God ensures to level everything once in a while …. During a fun trip to the beach, I injured one of my toes and it turned out to be a fracture. Now I have been advised for a 4 week rest…. keeping my foot elevated and if I have to- then walking on the heel only …

Now what do I say…. God has better plans for me?…. but I think he certainly has. Maybe he wants me to think differently while taking rest, or see life from a different perspective, while I am now on the slower pace.

Earlier my feet were grounded while my mind was elevated all the time, maybe now he wants my feet to be elevated and mind to be grounded. I somehow feel this is going to be a very different experience of my life… and I decide to embrace it and make the most of it.

Grounded or elevated, I trust God sure has better plans.

Eagle watching

Eagles have always fascinated me. They are powerful, focused and are mostly similar to human beings. They are said to be loyal to a single partner, building the nest and raising the eaglets after the eggs are hatched seems to be a joint responsibility of both partners. They stick to one nest for the complete life unless it’s destroyed or disturbed.

Eagles have become a part of our lives since we have moved to Trivandrum. Watching them on the coconut trees from our balcony is a daily morning refreshing routine.

One pair seems to have occupied the tree near our house and over a period of time we saw them preparing for the arrival of the chicks, gathering the material and building her eyrie ( the nest of the eagle is called eyrie) . One would sit on the huge coconut leaf and the better half would watch from the other leaf. (I assume it’s the partner).

We realised she has layed eggs because she would always be on the tree not going out, waiting close to a month for hatching. Finally We could hear the chirping of the eaglets and the big eagle cooing. Slowly the little ones are growing. But since some days we only see one baby bird trying to flatter her wings… May be the other one is died or got killed.

Now we see the mother sitting on the leaf and may be training the baby in the nest. The baby is Spreading her wings and strengthening her hopes, preparing for the flight soon.

I wonder if these birds have emotions like us… soon the baby would have enough strength to fly, find her own path and live an independent life. Will they recognise each other as the parent and child when they meet again.

Maybe god has blessed them with limited memory so that they can just live for the present moment unlike humans who carry the baggage of emotions all life like a burden, rather enjoying the happiness of being together and celebrating love.